To confirm a travel package with Inka Experience, the client must send a completed Client Booking Form to their Travel Advisor and make a deposit or full payment for the services booked. Please find below the breakdown of deposit payments depending on services, destination, and size of the group:

Deposit Payments for general Peru travel services (excluding Inka Trail services):

30% of land package (50% necessary for groups over 10 passengers)

100% airfare


Deposit Payment for Inka Trail Package services:

50% Inka Trail trek services

100% airfare


Deposit Payment for Galapagos Islands Package services:

50% Galapagos Islands services and land package

100% airfare


All payments will be confirmed by Inka Experience upon the client’s payment and banking approval. Upon making the payment and sending the completed Client Booking form, the terms and services agreed upon by both Inka Experience and client will come into effect and reservations will be completed as agreed. The group member who makes the service agreement with Inka Experience will become lead member for such group and has full authority to define the reservation for his/her companions. As lead member of such group he/she represents the overall group in agreement of the terms and conditions.


If the client chooses to make the 30% deposit to confirm the reservation, the remaining balance for the travel package must be paid to Inka Experience at least 45 days before initiating services. In the case that terms are agreed upon with less than 45 days prior to the commencement of services, the total program cost must be paid in full to proceed with booking services. Payment Options Include: All major credit cards via PayPal (3% PayPal fee must be added to total cost), wire transfer to our US Bank account or Peru Bank account, checks payable directly to our US Bank account, or credit cards. For all payment options, the client is responsible for fees and surcharges associated with processing payments.


Any modifications to the established service must be confirmed by the lead member of the group. Any modifications to confirmed services, by part of the client, will be viewed as supplemental services due to be agreed upon by Inka Experience and the client. The client will assume all surcharges necessary for booking supplemental services. Inka Experience will provide all means necessary for service modifications, however modifications can only be guaranteed if availability is approved by specific service providers.


Service cancellation is available on part of the client at any time prior to or during service. Any and all service cancellations must be communicated in writing to Inka Experience. Services provided for flight and Inka Trail reservations can be cancelled, but are not reimbursable. All the reservations cancelled with less than 45 days anticipation to the commencement of services will be subject to following cancellation discount policy:

45 – 35 days34 – 21 days20 days or less


40 %75 %100 %


In the case that services are not paid in their totality, the client will have to assume the costs incurred in such services.

In the case of a postponed service, the price will be increased as to the new service date. If the client wishes full reimbursement for services prior to the service date, the cancellation policy will be taken into effect – view section 4 for details.

*** Flight Reservations:

All flight reservations that have been paid in full are non-refundable. The service can be transferred to another person’s name or destination, however, all fees associated with this change must be covered by the client.

*** Inca Trail Permits/Services:

All Inca Trail payments are non-refundable due to the stipulations placed by the Peruvian government. Once permits/services are booked under the client’s name, they are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and must be used by the original client. Otherwise, the permit/service is lost.


Inka Experience will provide all means necessary to deliver services agreed upon by the company and client, nevertheless the client accepts the fact that it may be advisable to modify or cancel services due to local conditions where services are due to be carried out. Inka Experience reserves the right to modify or cancel any/all services includes flights and Inka Trail reservations. All service modifications will be notified to the client prior to the service commencement and will be provided with the same service or a similar service agreed upon by Inka Experience and the client. All modification that Inka Experience makes due to reasons out of the companies control, (i.e. strikes, weather, insecure conditions) will be notified to the client, and Inka Experience will provide the client with optional services to replace the booked service. ***In such case that the service modification is deemed out of the control of Inka Experience, the client has the option to accept service modifications, to modify and acquire a different services or to cancel such services and obtain a reimbursement according to the section 4 of this document.


It is the client’s responsibility to provide evidence of a current and valid passport, necessary visa requirements, and vaccines that may be mandatory to carry out services. Inka Experience will orient the client with respect to these subjects but is not responsible for providing visas, passport renewal, or vaccines for the client.


All clients, whom partake in services provided by Inka Experience, take full responsibility for following the laws and regulations of the country which they visit. Inka Experience will not take responsibility for the client’s actions upon their arrival to such country.


If the client deems necessary to complaint with respect to the services provided by Inka Experience, they must report such complaint to their Inka Experience representative, whom will contact the client to sort the problem and find the best means possible to resolve such problem. By reporting the problem immediately Inka Experience can find better means to remedy or compensate such situation. In order to avoid complaint situations with respect to lost or stolen articles in lodging facilities or during services, it’s recommended that clients store such articles of value in their hotel’s safe-deposit box. Inka Experience recommends such hotels published on the companies’ website for their seriousness and professionalism; however Inka Experience would like to prevent such situations by informing clients of preventions measures. Inka Experience does not take responsibility for lost or stolen articles during the client’s trip. Inka Experience does not take responsibility for services cancelled by service operators for reasons such as climatic conditions, natural disasters or problems caused by internal political instability.


Inka Experience will provide the best means possible to assure that flight quotes and prices are accurate and current to the date requested by the client. The airlines reserve the right to modify tariffs or cancel flights without previous warning. Flights are solely guaranteed when the reservation has been booked and flight confirmation provided to the client. Flight reservations are non-changeable and non-refundable once confirmed.


Inka Experience takes no responsibility for flight delays. These delays can be caused by adverse climate conditions, the actions of traffic controllers, the decisions by airport authorities or any mishaps that may occur with the aircraft.


Inka Experience takes responsibility for assuring that the services agreed upon by the client are provided in the manner in which they were agreed upon by both parties. Inka Experience as a qualified tour agent will provide advice, guide, and offer the necessary means to assist the client in organizing an enjoyable trip and travel adventure. Inka Experience takes no responsibility for damage, disease, or material loss caused to the client, nor additional expenses, accidental delays or other irregularities that can be caused by negligence on the part of the client.