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What is allowed in Machu Picchu ? 10 prohibited items necessary for planning your travels

febrero 22, 2019

If you’re confirmed, or planning, to explore Machu Picchu this year, a major question that comes up is what to bring to the ruins, or what not to bring. The recommended packing list for Machu Picchu hasn’t changed much and we can provide you our recommended list upon request. More important than what to bring for your adventure is to make sure you don’t pack anything that will deny your entrance or have your removed from the citadel.

Below is a list of the top 10 prohibited items for traveling to Machu Picchu this 2019.

1 . Peru’s Ministry of Tourism is prohibiting the use of tripods, supports or extensions for cameras, cell phones or any other stabilizing element or extension used for filming and / or photography of the ruins. Among them includes the so-called ‘selfie stick’ – selfies will have to be taken the old fashion way…

2. Backpacks or bags with dimension that exceed 40 × 35 × 20 centimeters – the standard school backpack. Bags that exceed this sizewill stored in the a storage unit at the entrance to the ruins – yes, a fee is charged for storing your bag, so make sure to prepare accordingly or bring cash to store your stuff.

3. It is prohibited to enter the ruins with food – snack are fine (i.e. granola bars, mixes, and fruit), but having a full picnic on the green pastures of the citadel isn’t going to happen – it sounds nice though…

4. Entering the ruins with illegal substances or under the effect of illegal substances is prohibited. If you’re looking for that “extra” connection with the mystical wonders of Machu Picchu it’s going to have to be 100% au natural – meaning without any external assistance. Don’t risk it, it’s not worth getting denied at the entrance or getting removed before fully exploring the site.

5. Entering the ruins with alcoholic beverages or under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. You can have a beer or two in AguasCalientes before entering Machu Picchu but don’t try to sneak a couple extras in for the afternoon. Also, be smart about the amount of drinks before entering.

6. It is prohibited to enter Machu Picchu with pets or animals, unless you’re entering with a guide dog.

7. It is prohibited to enter with any aerosol spray cans or paints that can damage the site.

8. Entering the ruins with a musical instrument, megaphone or speakers is prohibited. You are not the only one on site, so respect the other travelers and their rite to enjoy the citadel without your musical talents.

9. It is prohibited to enter Machu Picchu with heels or hard-heeled shoes. This does damage to the grounds, but is also not recommended due to the amount of walking and stairs. Pack rubber-soled or soft-soled shoes for the experience.

10 . It is prohibited to carry sharp objects and / or weapons of any kind. Leave the Rambo knife at home – you won’t be fighting off any wildlife or cutting through heavy forest to reach the citadel.

IMPORTANT: As I’m sure you know, failure to comply with the established rules may result in being denied or removed from the citadel of Machu Picchu without any refunds or discounted tickets. In addition, legal action can be taken against you as well as dealing with local police officials, which I can guarantee you won’t want anything to do with.

For additional questions not mentioned above, feel free to contact one of our travel specialists at or calling at (720) 449-6211.

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